SBA Express Loans Up To $150,000

Funding In As Little As 10 Days

Our Technical Advisory Team are Business Paralegals who have SBA/SBDC experience and can create your loan package needed to get approved.

  • Quick approvals--typically the same day as application
  • Fast funding--loans funded in as little as ten (10) business days
  • Start-up businesses can receive SBA Express Loans
  • No risk to you with a written guarantee
  • Funding from one of the largest SBA lenders in the United States
  • Credit requirements are a very reasonable 165 FICO and we can assist you in quickly building your business credit profile, if needed

Due to a grant we received from a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the normal loan package fee of $2,500 is reduced to $999.99*.

*Half paid as a retainer and the balance after you receive your funding.  If you need financing for the retainer, just let us know as we are here to help you.

Press Release

Non-Profit Launches Grant-Subsidized Program Providing Start-Ups Access To $150,000 SBA Loans

View the brief training video to review a recent Press Release to learn more about how the money can be used, eligibility requirements, and much more.


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