Free 60 Day Credit Sweep Explained

Better credit increases access to and reduces the cost of financing for housing, transportation, business loans, and much more. You are only 60 days away from a better and happier life.

The 60 Day Credit Sweep provides a legal, effective, guaranteed, and affordable way to address applicable derogatory items.  It is NOT credit repair, functions through a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and our transparent process is FTC compliant.

Legal Model

Our network of Paralegals will prepare the documents necessary to block applicable negative items from your credit report.

Fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act Section 605(B) which requires the bureaus to block applicable items quickly from reporting on your credit reports.


Unlike credit repair which can feel like paying for no results, we provide the 60 Day Credit Sweep at no cost to you.

Plus, we'll help you leverage your better credit to access a minimum of $100,000 in funding.


Effective/No Risk

This is a fast process with results normally in sixty days or less.

Effective for blocking applicable inquiries, collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies, etc.

No risk with a written guarantee provided for all clients.

Success Stories

We have many success stories including this one:

Before (1/21/2021):

  • TransUnion 524
  • Experian 528
  • Equifax 518

After (2/24/2021):

  • TransUnion 748
  • Experian 748
  • Equifax 734
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