Credibility Package

The key to accessing capital to start or grow a business is having the Three C's (Collateral, Capacity, and Credit) so your business looks credible on paper.

In just 30-60 days, our Credibility Package can help any start-up or existing business legally and ethically look credible on paper by improving your Three C's.


  • ADD COLLATERAL:  We start by adding $100,000+ of income producing assets on your Balance Sheet.  Real assets that improve the valuation of your business and may provide collateral for funding.
  • ADD CAPACITY:  We guide you in setting up your Income Statement to properly reflect $10,000+ in monthly income (even if your business isn't yet selling to customers).  This income demonstrates the viability of your business and capacity to "service debt".
  • BUILD CREDITWORTHINESS:  We assist you in establishing a credible business credit profile and business credit scores, i.e., Paydex score with Dun & Bradstreet.  This illustrates that your business pays its bills on time.

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