Collateral Support Program

Create a strong Balance Sheet in 24 hours.

Collateral is often required by lenders offering small business loans.  For working capital loans, the amount of collateral support can be determined as the difference between the proposed loan amount and the value the lender assigns to the working capital assets such as accounts receivable and inventory.  In the event the borrower does not repay the loan, the lender collects against the borrower's collateral as a form of repayment.

The Collateral Support Program can provide ANY business $100,000 to $10,000,000 of real assets to strengthen their Balance Sheet and improve its credibility on paper.

Stronger Balance Sheet = Better Access To Capital

The Collateral Support Program was designed by former SBA/SBDC Advisors and SCORE Mentors with the input of business bankers to enable financing for small businesses that might be otherwise unavailable due to a collateral shortfall.  

Additionally, our Business Paralegals can assist you with the document preparation to use the new collateral to pursue Accounts Receivable Financing which is asset-based financing that allows business owners to access capital that is secured by outstanding invoices.  This can provide up to 100% of the invoice values.  Since the invoices serve as collateral, Accounts Receivable Financing can be a great solution for borrowers with bad credit.

BONUS:  Income Producing Assets

The Program supplies a portfolio of potentially revenue producing Accounts Receivables to the Balance Sheet of participants while concurrently improving borrowing capacity with a stronger Income Statement.

Our Business Paralegals will create a portfolio of real Accounts Receivable files with monies owed to you including contractual terms stating daily late fees owed to you.  The daily late fees can be reflected on your Income Statement/Profit & Loss Statement using the Accrual Method of accounting to further strengthen the credibility of your business resulting in greater access to capital.

Fast, Easy, & Great Support

Within 24 hours, our Business Paralegals will provide you an income-producing portfolio and then assist you in adding to your Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

When you are ready, we'll help you divest of the assets and/or collect off them potentially resulting in a positive Return On Investment (ROI)--potentially a 5x to 10x ROI!

100% Credible & Compliant

Not only do small businesses use the Collateral Support Program to increase their credibility on paper, we've even sold debt portfolios to major law firms!  For instance, we recently sold a $3,474,000 debt portfolio to a large law firm who wanted the asset injection and corresponding income derived therefrom.

Career Opportunities Available

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Professional Debt Buyer.  Debt Buyers acquire our portfolios at wholesale pricing and sell at retail.  Free training and no cost to become a Professional Debt Buyer.

For more information, please complete the brief form below and we'll send you a free Collateral Support Program information packet.

Deep Dive Into The Collateral Support Program

Please view the brief training video describing how you can use the Collateral Support Program to access funding and how to earn income as a Debt Buyer. 

Step By Step Guide To Accounts Receivable Financing--Fast Funding With No Credit Requirements

View the brief training video above to learn a proven way that ANY small business can get funding regardless of credit, time in business, income, or any other factor.  It is called Accounts Receivable Financing.

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